Arts Alive

By Nina Wilhelmy 

The Seven Hills School—Arts Alive took place on campus in the Donovan Arts Center on Saturday, April 9th. The event was an opportunity for students involved in performing arts to showcase theatre productions and instrumental concerts, and for visual art students to showcase art pieces they had created in their classes from the 2021-2022 school year. These pieces ranged from paintings, drawings, and sculptures, to digital art, such as photos, films, and animations.

Ashley McLennan, a junior, took Film and Animation during the fall semester and is currently partaking in an Advanced Drawing course. She displayed a short film at Arts Alive. She said this was a “great chance for students who want to pursue a career in art to go through the process of creating a piece with intentional decisions behind it that would read well to an audience.” Because art students are used to their viewers consisting of their class and teacher only, Arts Alive can provide the experience of displaying art beyond Seven Hills and to the public. McLennan thinks the art show was really special because you could see the art and the creator behind it. She said that “being able to discuss the thought process behind each piece and what went into it was a super interesting aspect of Arts Alive.” She also said that “having a deadline in place is good practice as well because a lot of the time in class, people will work on their own time.” Now that the hard work is out of the way, she is excited to work on fun projects and develop her skills for the remainder of the fourth quarter.