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Arts Profile: Chris Janidlo

By Mehul Patel. Many students are used to seeing the visual art work of students in the DAC, but rarely take time to appreciate other art forms that exist within Seven Hills, such as the musical or performing arts. Senior Chris Janidlo has a vast amount of experience in the musical arts, with much of it being outside of school and therefore unknown to many of his peers. Janidlo is avidly involved in orchestra both inside and outside of school, and most recently has completed his challenge project of composingRead More
By Kaylan Young. In the one-act musical comedy The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, six students compete to win the wonderfully wild Spelling Bee. Each student in the Bee undergoes their own, personal revelation throughout the course of the show, providing heart-warming and heart-wrenching moments alike for the audience. Through clever musical numbers and sharp wit, the spellers and hosts of the Bee reveal that life truly is “Pandemonium.” A new addition to the Seven Hills Theatre Department, the winter show has taken the school by storm. The six-studentRead More

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Coley Directs Production of Sez She

By Stuart Edwards. Junior Kate Coley made a fantastic debut into the world of directing with her production of Sez She, written by Jane Martin, at Essex Studios on January 23 and 24. Sez She is a collection of 37 monologues detailing many aspects of the daily life of a female. The production featured Gina Cermiele-Mechley, Chelsea Rice, Olivia Cremisio, Perri Olson (12, Turpin High School), Daisy Bentley (12, Turpin High School), and Olivia Ulmer (12, Highlands High School). Sez She was staged “in the round” allowing the performers toRead More

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Teacher Profile: Daniel Vance

By Curtis Sun. Art teacher Daniel Vance was immersed into the world of art from the moment he was born. His father was an artist himself, with a master of fine arts in ceramics: “Some of my earliest memories were working with clay as a kid or wandering around my father’s studio.” Vance’s love of art comes from the process of making it, not the final product. He explains that “if you’re the cow, you don’t need milk; your walking around with milk!” As a child, Vance spent a majorityRead More

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Arts Profile: Nicole Baressi

By Nicole Malofsky. Senior Nicole Baressi has been a tap dancer for the majority of her life. Ever since she was little, rhythm has captivated her. Ballet class at three years old was “a struggle (to say the least), yet the moment tap shoes were placed on [her] feet, [she] was free,” said Baressi. Not only was she free to make noise, but she was “free to be ‘ungraceful,’ free to be [herself].” Baressi noted that although she does not have the poise and grace required for ballet, she possessesRead More
By Kate Coley. The Overture Awards recognize and reward talented high school arts students from around the Tri-state. The Overture Award judges give awards in several categories: Dance, Instrumental Music, Theater, Vocal Music, Creative Writing, and Visual Art. Eighteen finalists win a $1,000 scholarship, and the first-place winners in each discipline are rewarded $4,000. The 2015 regional competition, the first step toward an award, took place on Saturday, January 10.             Several Seven Hills students competed at regionals: Nicole Barresi (12, Dance) Maria Bobbitt Chertok (11, Theatre) Nina Fatuzzo (10,Read More
By Kate Coley. Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB) is the biggest youth poetry slam in the world, created by The Young Chicago Authors in 2001. This year, LTAB came to Cincinnati, thanks to WordPlay, an organization that fosters academic and personal growth. WordPlay is organizing monthly open-mic nights throughout Cincinnati to prepare for the competition. Louder Than a Bomb semi-finals will be held on March 14th and finals will be held in April at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Seven Hills has decided to join the Cincinnati slam poetry sceneRead More
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By Kate Coley. Director Stephanie Park is accelerating the Seven Hills theatre program with her next project, the winter musical. 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is exactly what it sounds like – a musical about a spelling bee. The musical, beloved to many musical theatre aficionados, will be performed for one night only (February 6th). Unlike the other two shows this year, Spelling Bee’s cast was hand picked. In other words, the auditions determined not only which part each student would play, but also whether they would make theRead More

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Play Review: Shakespeare in Hollywood

By Kaylan Young. In this thrilling take on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a Hollywood flare, the infamous Puck and Oberon are transported from their magical world onto Max Reinhardt’s Warner Bros. set. As one could only expect, hijinks ensue. The Seven Hills Theatre Department outdoes itself with its production of Shakespeare in Hollywood. It is absolutely vital to recognize the show’s set crew, led by Stage Seven’s new set director, Trey Tatum. Thanks to Trey and the crew, the production has both talent from the cast and aestheticsRead More

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Arts Profile: Ellie Pasquale

By Nicole Malofsky. Senior Ellie Pasquale has been dancing for as long as she can remember. Diagnosed with asthma as a child, Pasquale could not participate in typical sports, but she quickly found a love for dance at age three. Pasquale began by taking ballet and tap classes in a local dance teacher’s basement in Independence, Kentucky. At age six, she took private lessons with her instructor and attained small solos in the studio’s recitals. Everything changed, though, when her family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio when she was eight. PasqualeRead More

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Album Review: Neon Future I

By Curtis Sun. On September 29th, Steve Aoki released Neon Future I. The album is his sophomore studio album, and the first of two albums collectively known as Neon Future. Having been known to be a great artist in the past and reaching number eight on the annual DJ Mag Top 100 DJ popularity poll, there was a lot of hype around his newest release. Jus by breezing through the track-list it is clear that the album has its ups and downs. A dance album where just about every songRead More

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Arts Profile: Chauyie Wei

By Kate Coley. Few Seven Hills students are as zealous for art both in and out of school as senior Chauyie Wei. Her passion for art began at the young age of four, when a friend of hers inspired her to take art lessons: “Every weekend when I would see her at church, she would have a new drawing piece for me. I admired them so much, I asked my mom if I could learn how to draw so I could be just as great as her.” Wei’s artistic abilitiesRead More