By Mark DeBlasio 

The Seven Hills School — Racheal Quinn is the new Director of DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND  INCLUSION (DEI) at the Seven Hills School.

Quinn is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside, and graduated with a degree in anthropology. Even though she had not originally planned on teaching, she decided to start working for Teach For America, a non-profit organization that helps low-income communities receive better education by hiring undergraduate students as teachers. Part of the reason for this decision was that she felt it was important to have a strong resumé for graduate school. 

Teach For America brought her to Cincinnati, where she was put at a placement school for three years. Quinn said, “It was in that time that I really started to take a look at our education system and learning a lot of different things that I wasn’t aware of in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion.” She realized that she had a real passion for education, which led to her accepting the new position of Director of DEI at Seven Hills. 

DEI’s goals for Seven Hills are to attract a diverse body of students and faculty, embrace the differences of all students, explore other cultures, and recognize bias.

When asked what she is most excited about her position, Quinn said, “I love training; I love learning, by myself and in groups. I also love being in a building, especially coming off of a pandemic!” This is her first time teaching at a private school, and she said that she loves the environment that Seven Hills has welcomed her with. Quinn said that in the end, it is the simple things that make her happy and that she loves to see students doing ordinary activities, like walking in the halls.

If you have any questions about DEI, you can reach out to her at