Don’t Be Tardy

By Paris Weems

The Seven Hills School— With the new construction of the Middle School, parking is a hot mess. Currently, the Middle School is broken down into trailers in the main parking lot. This significant change has affected everyone with a car. If you do not drive yourself to school, consider yourself lucky.

What used to be the senior lot is now the staff lot, the former sophomore lot is now the senior lot, the Field House is now the sophomore lot, and the junior lot is still for juniors. I know from experience that with more than 100 fewer parking spots available, parking is tricky. The lots get filled up quicker, and honestly, for anyone who is not a staff member, this can definitely be annoying. 

Something that I find frustrating about the parking situation is that some teachers park in the senior lot before the staff lot gets filled up. Seniors have been parking in the grass when the spots in their lot get filled up. I have even found myself doing that from time to time to avoid the long hike that occurs when having to park in the Field House due. There have been times when I arrived at school after the senior lot had filled up and decided to park in the grass rather than the Field House. Every other day, my first class is public speaking, so I especially want to avoid making the long hike to the Schiff Center from the Field House. 

Now, I am definitely no stranger to detention. There have been a few tardies here and there on my behalf, and even a little illegal parking on some days. In past school years, I have been late to school but never received detention for it. Now that I drive, I try to get to school a bit earlier. Even when I arrive with ten minutes to spare, time is wasted trying to find a spot. 

I believe that it is unfair when students who don’t drive receive detentions for their tardies. Junior Diairra Daniels does not drive herself to school but has been tardy a few times this year. “I’m always ready in the morning and it’s my mom that makes me late,” said Daniels. 

Students should not have to face the consequences of their parents’ actions. Especially when they only end up 30 seconds late. I know that for now, I need to work on leaving my house earlier, but hopefully, this parking lot situation will get easier.