Oscar Outfits

By Charlotte Johnston and Areej Arif 

The 2022 Oscars ceremony was held on March 27, and one of the most iconic parts of the ceremony is the red carpet. Canvass staff members Charlotte Johnston and Areej Arif reviewed many of the outfits from the 2022 Oscars and rated them on a scale from one to 10.

Love Larson


Charlotte: The dress is so bad. It isn’t even a good color. The scene is repeated over and over. I feel like there could have been more art on the dress. The only reason I gave it a 1/10 is because the bag she has is kind of cool. (1/10)

Areej: When I look at this dress, I am at a loss for words in the worst way possible. I don’t understand why anyone would put naked babies on their dress. Not only is it a plain design, but it is a traumatizing pattern. (-4/10)

Jessica Chastain


Charlotte: The ombré is pretty and the ruffles remind me of waves. (10/10)

Areej: The dress is really pretty. It has a nice ombré. The only thing I do not like about it is the colors, as they look like fashion from 2017. (6/10)

Timothee Chalamet 


Charlotte: I like it but it isn’t my favorite. It looks plain and I only really like the lace and sparkles. (5/10)

Areej: The suit is pretty plain. I like the sparkles on the jacket and the lace is pretty. It isn’t ugly, but it is just not very exciting. (7/10)

Bradley Cooper 


Charlotte: This is so boring. Every year, about 10-15 guys wear just a plain suit. The outfits should be way better at the Oscars. There is no effort. (0/10)

Areej: It is so plain. It’s overused at this point. He tried to make it better with the bow tie but it did not work. He needs to spice it up next year. (0/10)

Zoe Kravitz


Charlotte: The color is pretty but the dress is kind of plain. It looks good on her, but I feel like she could have done more with her outfit. (6/10)

Areej: The color of the dress suits her very well, but what’s going on with the bow! I get that it is supposed to be a statement piece, but it makes the outfit look awkward, though I do believe the dress would be too plain without it. I love the simplicity. (6/10)  

Vanessa Hudgens 


Charlotte: The dress is perfect. Her makeup and jewelry are so good. The dress fits her really nicely and I love the shine. (10/10)

Areej: Her look is so pretty. The dress is gorgeous and the white and emerald stone necklace and earrings tie off the fabulous look. (9/10)

Megan Thee Stallion 


Charlotte: The hair and makeup are beautiful. The dress has a nice color and it fits her well but it just looks strange. I do not like the ruffles. (4/10)

Areej: The color of the dress is gorgeous, and matches the shoes and jewelry perfectly. Personally, I do not like the stiff look of the dress, but I love the flowy train. (4/10)

Lily James 


Charlotte: This dress is absolutely gorgeous. It’s light and beautiful. I love the combination of the Versace dress and matching heels. Her necklace even goes with the dress. (10/10)

Areej: The style of this dress is everything! I love how the fitting dress section is paired with the flowy and fluffy train. The one thing I dislike is the flowery pattern that is on the front. It reminds me of old curtains. If there were a different pattern there, or if it were left plain, the dress would have been phenomenal. (8/10)

Andrew Garfield 


Charlotte: Personally, I do not like this outfit. The velvet mixed with the weird bow is not doing it for me. He does look nice so I gave this look a 4. (4/10)

Areej: Like Charlotte, I do not like this outfit very much. The velvet looks weird in that color, and the bow tie is less than admirable. (2/10)

Sofia Carson 


Charlotte: The dress is so amazing. I love how her makeup matches it too. This dress reminds me of Billie Eilish’s dress at the 2019 Grammys. (10/10)

Areej: This dress is so pretty! It reminds me of something a princess would wear, but it is a bit basic in all black. I love how the tulle was draped over the right shoulder. (9/10)

Renate Reinsve 


Charlotte: This is actually the worst dress ever. It looks like a really old worn-out dress that has been in the attic for years. I hate this dress. (0/10)

Areej: This dress is one of the worst I have ever seen in my life. It looks like something a shipwrecked sailor would be wearing when they finally return home after living on an island for ten years. (0/10)

Amy Schumer 


Charlotte: It looks like something Mr. Hauser would wear to an ugly Christmas sweater party. I hate this dress and Amy Schumer. (0/10)  

Areej: I am extremely confused when I look at this dress. It looks like a cross between a party dress and a Christmas sweater, two things that don’t mix well. All in all, it is just ugly. (2/10)



Charlotte: I love Zendaya and her outfits but this one did not catch my eye like her others do. I like the skirt but the shirt does not seem like something you would wear to the Oscars. (5/10)

Areej: I love the simplicity of Zendaya’s outfit. It was not wildly flashy or brightly colored, but still was one of the best of the night. The skirt is gorgeous, but kind of looks like something you could get at Claire’s. (7/10)

Will Smith 


Charlotte: The suit is so overdone and boring. He looks like he’s going to dinner and if he took his jacket off he would look like a waiter. At the Oscars people should actually dress up. (0/10)  

Areej: Like Bradley Cooper’s, this suit was just really overdone and un-eye-catching. I will never understand why people get invited to the Oscars and come looking like this. (1/10)

Billie Eilish 


Charlotte: Honestly she looks like she’s wearing parts of a trash bag. I do not like this outfit. The hair just is not her either. (0/10)

Areej: The dress looks like a bunch of pieces of fabric all stuck together in no apparent way. I agree with Charlotte in saying that it looks like a trash bag. It is just very ugly. (1/10)