Senior Challenge Projects Shared

By Areej Arif 

Challenge projects play an essential role in the lives of Seven Hills students. We all know that these projects can be stressful, but they can also be fun and allow students to try new things and dive deeper into something they love. Canvass has chosen two interesting senior challenge projects to feature. 

Senior Julia Moser chose a tedious and challenging project: assembling a car. She decided to build a car because she wanted to spend more time with her dad before going to college and because she loves cars. “Getting to build this car with my dad has been super special, and we have gotten to spend so much time together, and I will always value that,” Moser said. She also said that she got to learn more about cars, which was helpful to her as a driver. The project also taught her patience. Complete assembly of the car took two years, and it still is not done. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, Moser will be able to drive around in her new car! 

Senior Gabrielle Christmon decided to try aerial silks for her challenge project. One of the trickiest parts of aerial silks that most people wouldn’t expect is how hard it is to master mentally. It is tough to trust that you are supported as you fall multiple feet and complicated to make it look graceful. Though this may have been a challenging experience for Christmon, she said she wanted to “try something different and new, and aerial silks really got [her] out of [her] comfort zone.” 

One of the best things challenge projects can do is teach students lessons that relate more broadly to their lives. For example, aerial silks taught Christmon how to deal with frustration. “It was frustrating to not get the move right off the bat, especially when you see more experienced people do it with ease.” She said in our interview. At the end of the day, though challenge projects are hard, it is essential that everyone have fun and take advantage of them.