Seven Hills Exam Information and Tips

By Chinmay Machavaram

As Seven Hills prepares itself for exam week, Canvass is here to help with practical information and advice. There are many similarities between this school year’s winter exams and the upcoming spring exams. One similarity is the percentage that each exam is worth, which is 10%. Another similarity is that all students are excused after exams are over. However, a difference that might make an impact on some students is the schedule of when each exam takes place. Here is how the schedule goes. 

Monday- Math

Tuesday- World Language

Wednesday- History

Thursday- Science

Friday- English

Canvass met with senior Eli Joffe for his tips and advice to give to students taking exams. Joffe said, “It’s only ten percent, so it is not going to make or break your GPA, so don’t stress about it too much”. Canvass also met with freshman Vikasni Bandinani, who took her first exams in the winter of 2021. “I think that studying for exams will be easier, but not the actual exams themselves,” she said. Joffe thinks that the exams themselves will be easier due to having more experience taking them.

It is hopefully true that exams will be easier this semester than last semester based on students’ renewed familiarity with the process after a long time without exams. Next week, students will come in with a visual expectation of what Seven Hills exams will look like. Hopefully, everyone is preparing for exams as well as anticipating the end of the 2021-2022 school year.