Sustainable Concert Attire

By Nina Wilhelmy 

The Seven Hills School—On April 22nd, I attended Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour Tour at the Andrew J Brady Music Center (I would like to clarify that I am not a fan but was fortunate enough to be given a ticket). The irony of this experience was that it was on Earth Day, yet most of the audience was adorned in the latest microtrends. Microtrends are extremely bad for the environment, as they encourage mass production at a high-speed rate in fashion, which leads to tons of unnecessary waste. Instead of feeding into companies’ marketing strategies that insist we have to buy the latest styles to stand out, try out the following tips to ease both your conscience and expenses. 

  1. Check out the fantastic selection of thrift stores in Cincinnati. If you feel like your wardrobe lacks something special enough for an event, why not search for something that was made so long ago that it has become one of a kind? My favorite stores are Down to Mars Vintage, That Shop In Milford, and The Daily Vintage. If you really want to save money, sort through the Goodwill Bins, where clothing is sold by the pound at an extremely low cost. 
  2. Thrift online. If thrift stores are overwhelming to you or don’t offer the wide selection of pieces a retailer might, consider shopping secondhand online. Depop, Mercari, Poshmark, ThreadUp, and eBay are all great places to look for clothing. If the idea of wearing a stranger’s clothes grosses you out, don’t worry; lots of sellers will stock pieces that still have the original tags. You can even search specifically for a piece you liked online and save money.
  3. Build up your accessory collection. Accessorizing an outfit can take it from casual to black tie. Next time you have an event, consider wearing something you already have and transforming it into something new and unique with bold jewelry.
  4. Experiment with hair and makeup. Going crazy with an over-the-top hairstyle or wearing a bold lip or eye can really elevate your look. It’s super easy to learn how to do this yourself by simply watching a tutorial online. You can even coordinate your makeup to your outfit, showing just how much thought you put into your look.

By trying these tips, you can develop your personal style, which will stick with you for the rest of your life. Going to an event does not mean you have to buy something, but if you want to, think about where you are getting your products from and if you will even want to keep them for another occasion.