The Challenge of Challenge Projects

By Kevin Chen

“Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill,” said actor Christopher Parker. After happily chatting with their friends and playing ping pong during their free bells for most of the year, many Seven Hills seniors have lost their joy. These seniors did not complete their challenge projects and now must pay the price with their free bells and senior privileges. This is the unfortunate reality of being a senior at Seven Hills. However, what are some reasons seniors don’t complete their challenge projects on time? 

 Senior year is typically a busy year, and many students have reasons for not completing their challenge projects. Senior Drew Balaji said, “I kind of started to lose momentum. I was bogged down during college apps, but now I have picked it up.” To most seniors, college applications are more important than the challenge project. The combination of senior year workload and the stress of presenting the best possible application to colleges often detract seniors’ attention from their challenge projects.

Some seniors also may need more time to polish their projects before their challenge defense. Senior Jonathan Lee said, “I felt it was incomplete and that I needed more time to edit and revise.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Despite the study hall’s monotonous nature, Balaji and Lee said that the study hall has benefits. Balaji said, “It’s a curse and a blessing. I can get much more work done without outside distractions, but I do have to sit in the same spot for 80 minutes with only occasional stretch breaks in between.” Similarly, Lee said, “Study hall is pretty uncomfy, but I definitely have more time to refine and work on my challenging project.” 

Both seniors have made significant progress; Balaji and Lee have completed 69 percent and 90 percent of their projects, respectively. However, Balaji believes that study hall is not effective for everyone. “I disagree with having a study hall. I don’t think anyone is working on their projects right now,” said Balaji.